Aces Back to Back Fest

Aces Back to Back will take place on Thursday July 8th through Sunday July 11th at Brushy Fork Phamily Ranch in Newark, Ohio. This diverse festival will feature Co-headliners Rumpke Mountain Boys and Hyryder.

Rumpke Mountain Boys will perform an a high intensity, ripping final set Saturday night! All ELECTRIC with ekoostik hookah’s lead guitarist Steve F@&king Sweney and saxophone bad ass and founder of Hot Brown Smackdown Myron Koch!!!

Rather than having a huge festival with small overlapping sets we are focusing on the bands we love and you are coming to see!!! Both these Aces will alternate and play back 2 back both nights, 3 total sets each and a bonus co-op Rumpryder set on Saturday. Come out Early on Thursday and enjoy a rocking evening with 2 sets of Ohio’s own ekoostik hookah for their ONLY central Ohio, mid-summer show. This event will bring together the sounds of the Grateful Dead, blue grass, jam, rock, reggae and folk in a truly close knit community venue setting.

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