The Band

əkoostik hookah incorporates many genres of music into their own style, from folk to psychedelic rock, bluegrass to blues, extended jams to concise rock-n-roll, əkoostik hookah’s style includes many musical genres for a sound that in the end is distinctly “hookah”. With well over 100 original songs, and a large catalogue of cover songs to choose from, you will never hear the same show twice. The band is known for its live shows and its ability to feed off of the crowd’s energy, using it to fuel the improvised set lists that create unforgettable musical experiences.

ekoostik hookah live photograph

Founding members, Dave Katz (keys, vocals, acoustic guitar), Steve Sweney (guitar), and longstanding drummer, Eric Lanese, have been the mainstays, providing the foundation and longevity that few acts have been able to maintain. Eric Sargent (guitar, vocals) arrived in 2010 and Matt Paetsch in 2018 (bass).

Beginning in a 1991 in a smoky basement bar in Columbus, Ohio, əkoostik hookah has become one of the most recognized and influential acts on the touring music scene. Hookah, as they are known by their incredibly faithful fans, has played thousands of shows in over 40 states. They have performed at infamous venues, including The Wetlands Preserve in New York City, The House of Blues in Chicago, The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, and Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Hookah has shared the stage with music greats, such as Bob Weir and Ratdog, The Allman Brothers, David Crosby, Arlo Guthrie, Bruce Hornsby, and many more. Home grown and independently run, əkoostik hookah helped to pave the way for scores of bands all over the country to be able to head out on the road and do what they love. Just play music.

əkoostik hookah has also been host to one of the longest running music festivals in the country. Hookahville, sometimes known as The Ville Music Festival, began in 1994, and has catered to music fans of all ages twice a year ever since. Beginning as a little get together of 800 people in the woods, by 1999 the festival was regularly drawing between 8000 and 15000 people. Long time veterans of the festival stage, Hookah has had the pleasure of playing Bonnaroo, Gathering of the Vibes, High Sierra, Wakarusa, All Good, and many others. To this day, at any festival, if you listen closely, you stand a good chance of hearing a call of “hooooooookah” ringing out through the night.

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