Hookah returns to Toledo

A note from the promoter (His words, not ours): Not Jax anymore, try The Golden Road– it is a magnificent new venue that is taking things to the next level!!! Full circle in a lot of ways for different parties… This amazing new spot opened a couple of years ago and has been a destination for the community to enjoy dancing & live streams. NOW ENTER 2 sets of ekoostik hookah!!! Patio season is here & we are kicking things off properly!!! $20 for 2 sets of the world-famous Ekoostik Hookah right here in the 419!!! There is a huge bar outside on the patio where the show will be… You all will love this place & it’s owned by folks in our amazing community too. Don’t miss out on the best damn band in the land right before the 30th anniversary of Hookahville at the end of May! Support local music, you just gotta poke around.


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